MSP is unique in offering a full continuum of care from emergency shelter through transitional-to-permanent housing. Our experienced team of case managers and residential counselors provides clinical counseling, case management, and comprehensive services to empower survivors to recover and thrive. MSP also provides training, case consultation, and advocacy to engage communities to prevent violence and abuse.

My Sister’s Place (MSP) shelters, supports and empowers survivors of domestic violence and their children, while providing leadership and education to build a supportive community.

A modern shelter for 15 survivors & their children with counseling, case management & life skills training

In fall 2012, MSP completed our initiative to expand and renovate our emergency shelter, Sanctuary Plus, to provide shelter for up to 15 survivors and their children. Residents at MSP’s emergency safe house shelter, Sanctuary Plus, receive individual and group counseling, clinical case-management, and referrals focused on addressing the unique challenges each family and individual faces. The 9,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility features 15 bedrooms, a children’s resource center, a secure playground, and a commercial kitchen with a full-time chef who plans nutritious meals for families. The shelter’s dormitory-style design encourages a sense of community and support that reminds families that they are not alone during this tough period of their lives. During their 90-day stay at Sanctuary Plus, residents receive intensive supports focused on developing and pursuing goals towards independence.
As in most domestic violence shelters, children comprise the largest population in MSP’s residential programs. Often lacking the ability to constructively express their feelings, children who have experienced trauma and witnessed violence, often exhibit negative or violent behavior at school and at home. Exposure to this type of violence is also the greatest indicator that a child will grow up to find himself or herself in a violent relationship – as either the abuser or abused. Sanctuary Plus provides kid’s programming to help children address their trauma.

Last year, more than 90% of the families served in Sanctuary Plus moved to more stable, safe homes. They did not become homeless, return to their abusers, or move to another short-term shelter program – draining a very limited resource.

The architects at R. McGhee & Associates ensured that the facility is compliant with the Americans for Disabilities Act and utilized an environmentally friendly design. Special thanks to our Capital Campaign Committee and the supporters who made this milestone possible.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may be a candidate for Sanctuary Plus. Call us at 202-540-1064 to learn more about our services.

An innovative transitional-to-permanent housing program that builds survivors skills and self-dependency

MSP’s transitional-to-permanent housing program, RISE (Reaching Independence through Survivor Empowerment) helps families fleeing from domestic violence move from crisis and homelessness to safety and stability. In this one year program, MSP staff provide case management and resources on financial responsibility, life planning and other supportive services. During the year of participation, rental payments are paid by MSP and MSP staff provide ongoing support and referrals to clients as they pursue goals in an autonomous environment. The goal is to provide a foundation to allow RISE families to be able to have the option to remain in the homes they have built for themselves after exiting the program, promoting long-term self-sufficiency and freedom from abuse.

Launched in 2012, in its first year RISE served 5 families. Today RISE serves almost 30 families and continues to grow.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may be a candidate for RISE. Call us at 202-650-6151 to learn more about our services. You may also call this number if you are a landlord who would like to support our program. The MOU required to be signed by RISE Program landlords may be found here.

With RISE Plus, MSP will serve 30 additional families, including 80 children exposed to violence for up to two years. The survivors will receive intensive case management and wrap around supportive services including workforce development and empowerment coaching, therapeutic services such as art therapy, and other psycho-education opportunities. We are proud of these expansions to our infrastructure, as we believe they will allow us to enhance our capacity to provide life-saving services to the growing number of survivors of domestic violence we serve.


If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may be a candidate for RISE. Call us at 202-650-6151 to learn more about our services. You may also call this number if you are a landlord who would like to support our program.

MSP was awarded a grant to serve 54 families in the Family Rehousing and Stabilization Program (FRSP) in the spring of 2020. These families are housed in transitional housing managed by the city through the Family Rehousing and Stabilization Program (FRSP). MSP’s FRSP staff offer similar services as are offered through our other housing programs including access to workforce development workshops, addiction counseling, art therapy, and other psychoeducation groups. This collaboration allows our trauma trained team to provide care to survivors who were previously not receiving support to address their unique domestic violence related needs.

At My Sister’s Place we view the children who we serve as survivors too. Children who live in a family that is experiencing domestic violence suffer with trauma, even if they do not witness the abuse. At our shelter and in the community, MSP provides specialized programs to support children. We are excited to be one of The Homeless Children’s Playtime Project new sites and to have been chosen to be part of the new National Children’s Museum Community Membership Program. These, and other partnerships, add to the comprehensive support we offer children suffering from their unique experience with domestic violence.

For more information, contact Sara Feola, MSW, LGSW, Children’s Programs Manager & Social Worker, at (202) 669-2311 or email.

As MSP moves clients from shelter to transitional housing, we realize most clients do not have the furnishings or other household items to make a home. We found some clients stayed at shelter after they had secured transitional housing because they literally did not have a bed to sleep on. MSP’s Move-In Program started in January of 2020 and coordinates the donation of gently used furniture and other household items, along with coordinating a group of volunteers to move-in and decorate an apartment so that clients move into a fully furnished and equipped home, including linens, kitchen supplies and decorations. Often times volunteers fill children’s rooms with an abundance of toys. Clients are overwhelmed and incredibly grateful to see their new, fully furnished homes.

The Fresh Start Fund helps MSP clients with one-time unanticipated expenses that can destabilize their ability to remain safely housed and their ability to continue on a path of self-sufficiency. Many of the families we serve have experienced financial setbacks due to COVID-19. With the entire family home throughout the day, many households have also experienced increased utilities and food costs. Expenses covered by the Fund include moving costs, an unexpected car repair bill, a large utility bill, and offset unforeseen hardships such as additional food cost and support for child-care that allows clients to work while their children attend virtual school. The Fund has also help clients pay to further their education and obtain employment related certifications.

Clients benefit from ongoing contact with case-management staff to support them in their independence, including counseling, referrals to community-based services, and advocacy.
Upon exiting the residential and non-residential programs, clients benefit from ongoing contact with case-management staff to support them in their independence. Services include counseling, referrals to community-based services, and advocacy as needed. Our goal is to provide active outreach and assist clients in building long-term supportive systems within their communities, to reduce the likelihood of future victimization.
For more information, contact My Sister’s Place at 202-540-1064 to learn more about our services.
Trainings, events, literature & more to raise awareness and encourage community engagement
Eradicating domestic violence requires a coordinated community response that embraces prevention and intervention. MSP partners with law enforcement, the legal community, clergy, and others to ensure that service providers and community members are equipped to appropriately respond to victims’ needs. MSP raises awareness about domestic violence, in English and Spanish, with a focus on prevention and intervention through the distribution of literature, dissemination of information at events, and innovative projects. Additionally, in collaboration with the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project and DASH, Weekly walk in clinics and support groups are held within the community to provide support to individuals faced with domestic violence. An additional clinic launched in 2019 offers these resources in an immigrant community in NW DC. We conduct outreach and trainings through the District and partner with law enforcement, the legal community, clergy, service providers, beauty salons, universities, schools, hospitals, and others.
We are committed to responding to our community’s diversity and evolving needs, and in the late 90s launched our Latino Outreach Program, thanks to support from the Joseph and Marjorie Jones Foundation. One of every 10 DC residents is Latino. We understand that beyond language barriers, addressing domestic violence in the Latino and immigrant communities requires cultural competency.

For more information or to request a training, contact Gabriela Deleon, Outreach Coordinator & Latino Liaison, at (202) 540-1054 or email.

My Sister’s Place Value Statements:

Demonstrate Professionalism, Integrity, and Excellence

We strive to maintain the highest expectations of ourselves and are accountable to each other – colleagues, survivors, community, and ourselves. Our ambitions are guided by our community, best practices, evaluation and feedback and are performed with high standards and integrity.

Support Wellness and Self-care

We believe in order to live fully and holistically, we must prioritize time for healing, wellness, and growth. Thriving through adversity, challenges, and change requires tools and strategies for coping and resiliency. We encourage self-awareness, self-advocacy, and life balance through dedication to self-care.

Provide Person-centered and Trauma-informed services

We seek to empower the survivors we serve to honor their experiences, prioritize their needs, and restore self-agency. We recognize that each person has unique experiences and requires an individualized approach that is informed by survivor strength, experience, and choice. It is accessible, comprehensive, and survivor-led.

Foster an Environment of Trust, Transparency and Respect

We value open communication, collaboration, and collegiality that nurtures a trustful and respectful environment. We celebrate our differences and strengths utilizing them to be a creative, supportive and solution-minded team and community.

Deliver Services Intentionally and Passionately

We define our vision and goals to meet the dynamic needs of the community we serve. It requires we cultivate passion for achieving our mission and act with purpose to support the wishes of survivors. We advocate for what is just and are committed to providing quality service.

Have questions about our programs? Call 202-540-1064 to learn more about our services.