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Current & Upcoming Events

The Clothesline Project 2018                     

Join us on Friday, October 12, 2018 to raise awareness for victims of domestic violence. 

WHEN: Friday, October 12 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm

WHERE: My Sister’s Place Courtyard at 1436 U Street NW, Washington DC 20009

What is the Clothesline Project?
In 1990, domestic violence advocates in Massachusetts launched the Clothesline Project. Survivors told their stories of abuse, despair, hope, and empowerment by expressing their feelings and experiences through their own art on t-shirts, which were then displayed on clotheslines and hung throughout the community. Since then, many advocates have used this display as a way to raise awareness about domestic violence and the impact it has on real lives.

MSP held their first Clothesline Project in 1997. Victims of domestic violence often suffer in silence, and the Clothesline Project gives them a voice. We wanted to make sure our clients were heard. In 2013, we held the first Clothesline Project on the National Mall. This year, we will holding the Clothesline Project in the Courtyard of our Admin office, and invite you to join us to support victims of domestic violence and their stories.

How do I volunteer for the Clothesline Project?

Email our Volunteer Coordinator, Toshica Harvey, to volunteer for this year’s Clothesline Project. Volunteers help with setting up the display, checking in fellow volunteers, displaying the Clothesline, disassembling the display, and with getting the word out via social media!

Yes, I Want to Volunteer!


Clothesline Project 2017
Thank you to everyone who made our Clothesline Project 2017 a success!  We hung a display for over 200 shirts on U Street, and engaged with passersby and supporters for over 3 hours. See video coverage and images below:

Past Events

Tico Taco Takedown Benefiting My Sister’s Place

June 24, 2018

Organized by SRG Pastry Chef Alex Levin and the team of Tico, the inaugural SummerFest & Taco Takedown raised nearly $18,000 to support My Sister’s Place. The event included 8 of DC’s top chefs presenting his or her take on the best taco, refreshments, and lots of fun drinks — all to raise money and awareness for My Sister’s Place.

Thank You to our Generous Sponsors:

Jill Scharff | Camille M. Wheeler | Mark C. Stover