Survivor Stories

Antoinette’s Story

Mary’s Story

“I remember that first day I called and spoke to MSP’s Residential Counselor. She was my first sight of light – but then it took too long for me to be placed. I was about to give up and continue living in my unhappy and abusive marriage, but then my MSP Case Manger called. My second sign of light. I almost lost hope, and MSP restored and brought my hope back. The love and support has permanently lit the light which I was seeing from a distance.

I am in the process of recovery through therapy and different groups we go to here at the shelter. I will be sad to move on, and move once I find our own place. But at the same time will be rejoicing because that is what this program is for. To help women and children overcome obstacles from their past. You guys are the tunnel of light toward a better, brighter future for us.” 

-Mary*, MSP client & survivor

*Names and identifying details changed to protect client confidentiality.


Fiscal Year 2020

MSP served a total of 181 adult survivors and 329 child survivors

142 survivors were provided with safe, secure shelter for an average of 90 days

1990 case management and counseling sessions were provided including 195 mental health sessions and 108 addiction counseling sessions

During case management, 108 safety plans, 96 goals were set and 148 financial and budgeting plans were created for survivors

75 sessions held to assist survivors with increasing income, gaining employment or education program placement

Conducted 80 psycho-education workshops and 108 youth activities for shelter residents

98 survivors served through RISE Transition housing program

97 survivors transitioned to transitional or permanent housing and 37 survivors graduated RISE transitional housing program and living in permanent housing)

Conducted 12 Domestic Violence and Bystander Intervention training to 190 community participants

39 weekly DV resource clinics held in the community

Partnered with over 36 community services providers to meet the needs of the survivors we serve

Established relationship, formal agreements and DV tenant right education with 43 local landlords in the district to better serve survivors in transitional to permanent housing.

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